Incredible Autograph Collection: the book!

Here is a summary of the book. Currently, it is the media “Le collectif des éditeurs indépendants” which diffuses it and the booksellers really like it ; they think it is very interesting. It will be in all the main bookshops, and for example at the FNAC, at Virgin, in all the Cultura bookshops network and of course, in all the independent bookstores.  From November 25th 2010.

It is the ideal gift for the parents who want to transmit their former souvenirs and emotions to their children. And it is also the ideal gift to do for your mum or your dad to remind them the vibrant era when rock and pop rocked the world ! The author wrote an interesting, moving and well documented text. Right now, we are in the revival of the 60’s, the Keith Richards’ biographies and different books on various groups and singers of those years inspire everyone.

The Alcazar organizes a special evening dedicated to the release of the book on November 30th, rue Mazarine.                                                                         For the occasion, Benjamin Diamond, DJ known all around the world ( who composed and sang the hit Music sounds better with you with Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalther from Daft Punk) will be on the decks to have fun with the songs of the period and will dip into groups and singers whose autographs are in the book. Exceptionally, it will also be possible to buy the book at the price of 12€ (instead of 25€ in the bookstores ).


The Rolling Stones



Charlie Watts


I saw the Rolling Stones when they sang at the Paris Olympia in 1965. They stayed in a hotel called “Hotel de Paris” which was a block on the Boulevard de la Madeleine, rue de Seze and rue Godot de Mauroy (where now stands the Relais Madeleine that I manage..!) They stayed always very close to their venue. This hotel was practical for the singers who sang at the Olympia for several good reasons : it was less than one hundred metres from the Olympia and it had several side and back entrances apart from the main one which enabled them to “run away” from the fans that were like me posted around for autographs…! But we had some sort of organization between us and we watched all exits.. on this occasion I remember the Stones came out from the back entrance and litterally ran across the boulevard to an optician shop called Lissac I managed to get their signatures before the running started and also just before the shop… They then closed the shop…

The Moody Blues in front of Europe 1 radio Station


On the boulevard de la Madeleine with Denny Laine (Moody Blues)


In front of Hôtel de Paris (not anymore a hotel) on the boulevard de la Madeleine Denny Laine hums his song Boulevard de la Madeleine. A few minutes later we followed Denny with the other Moodies to the Madeleine Church a few paces away. There was taken by the Salut les Copains photographer the photograph that is on the french EP Boulevard de la Madeleine that is shown on this blog.

P.J. Proby


P J PROBY‘s autograph Paris Olympia stage door 28 rue Caumartin near Madeleine

James Brown


On this occasion James Brown had a show at the Olympia (I believe it was a one night stand) and I had the information through a friend that he was to stay at the George V Hotel. On the night of the concert I was waiting for him to arrive in front of the hotel George V and it was well after 9pm the time due for the concert to start. No one else was waiting and if I remember I must have enquired with the hotel as to whether James Brown had arrived or not. And often the answer yes or no was exactly the opposite to the truth so that it discouraged us to wait for the artists.. So in this case I was not so sure if he had or not arrived and thought that probably that by this time he would be already on stage. Nevertheless after a while a limousine stopped in front of the hotel ( a common occurence in front of the George V..) and when the car door opened there was James Brown stepping out… I saluted him welcome to Paris and he took me by the arm inside the lobby. There without looking round he just sat in an armchair, asked me to do the same : and there I was chatting to a very friendly man who was supposed to be singing on stage at that very moment. He then went to get ready and by the time he arrived on stage I think the audience were in a state of excitement, exasperation and dispair… A very nice memory of an artist who took time to know his fans..

The Who





Bob Dylan




These two photographs were taken at the entrance of the George V Hotel Paris.

Jimi Hendrix


Great photo of Jimi. This autograph and photo was collected on 11th May (not March like stated on my book by mistake) 1967. Jimi was in Paris for the recording of a popular TV show called DIM DAM DOM (produced by Michèle Arnaud). At the time the Television was still state-controlled and pop shows were very scarce… This particular show was recorded at the Municipal Theatre of Issy-Les-Moulineaux just outside Paris and the photograph with myself that is on the first page of this blog was taken then. My brother remembers that he assisted him with finding a taxi to get back to Paris as we was a little lost in these subburbs…

The Kinks