Monthly Archives: November 2010

Incredible Autograph Collection: the book!

Here is a summary of the book. Currently, it is the media “Le collectif des éditeurs indépendants” which diffuses it and the booksellers really like it ; they think it is very interesting. It will be in all the main bookshops, and for example at the FNAC, at Virgin, in all the Cultura bookshops network and of course, in all the independent bookstores.  From November 25th 2010.

It is the ideal gift for the parents who want to transmit their former souvenirs and emotions to their children. And it is also the ideal gift to do for your mum or your dad to remind them the vibrant era when rock and pop rocked the world ! The author wrote an interesting, moving and well documented text. Right now, we are in the revival of the 60’s, the Keith Richards’ biographies and different books on various groups and singers of those years inspire everyone.

The Alcazar organizes a special evening dedicated to the release of the book on November 30th, rue Mazarine.                                                                         For the occasion, Benjamin Diamond, DJ known all around the world ( who composed and sang the hit Music sounds better with you with Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalther from Daft Punk) will be on the decks to have fun with the songs of the period and will dip into groups and singers whose autographs are in the book. Exceptionally, it will also be possible to buy the book at the price of 12€ (instead of 25€ in the bookstores ).