The Olympia was the temple of music (and stil is). Mythic groups and all the singers of the world came here. It was a consecration for them to sing in this place. I have kept some souvenirs from this period, like programms covers and ads, deliciously “vintage”.

Bruno Coquatrix
the owner
of Olympia
for its 10th anniversary.


5 responses to “Olympia

  1. I enjoyed your site and was very pleased to see that the front page is of the Luvvers. Iam the Henry on the page and remember well playing the Olympia with the Moody Blues. I also remember an French artist by the name of Hector who came on in a sedan chair with live vchickens on a lead. Good days. Bonne chance

  2. Hi Henry,
    Thank you very much for leaving a comment, you’re right it was great days.
    If you happen to pass by Paris, please come to Relais Madeleine.

  3. Great photo but Otis Redding died December 10, 1967 (not in August)

  4. Thanks Dror, I might need to check my “souvenirs”:)

  5. Hi Paul; that’s great, I was at the Oympia as a teenager visiting Paris and saw Marianne Faithfull. However, I’ve forgotten almost all the details and am now writing a newspaper article in which I want to refer to it; can you remember anything more, anecdotes, exact dates (1964 or 1965?) and who else was on the bill?

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