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The Rolling Stones



Charlie Watts


I saw the Rolling Stones when they sang at the Paris Olympia in 1965. They stayed in a hotel called “Hotel de Paris” which was a block on the Boulevard de la Madeleine, rue de Seze and rue Godot de Mauroy (where now stands the Relais Madeleine that I manage..!) They stayed always very close to their venue. This hotel was practical for the singers who sang at the Olympia for several good reasons : it was less than one hundred metres from the Olympia and it had several side and back entrances apart from the main one which enabled them to “run away” from the fans that were like me posted around for autographs…! But we had some sort of organization between us and we watched all exits.. on this occasion I remember the Stones came out from the back entrance and litterally ran across the boulevard to an optician shop called Lissac I managed to get their signatures before the running started and also just before the shop… They then closed the shop…

The Kinks


Marianne Faithfull



Petula Clark



Petula is one of my favourite female singers. English by birth but so French…!

She has spent most of her life in France (having married a frenchman Claude Wolf) although her carreer is international. She had many hits in french. She appeared at the Olympia in 1965 (I think it was for at least 3 weeks) and she waited 38 years to come back in 2003 for a unique September concert. It was of course full and probably the same audience than in 1965 but with a lot more grey hairs….

Bravo Petula !

Sandie Shaw




Puppet on a string  1967 Eurovision song contest winner by Sandie Shaw.

Very popular ‘pop’ singer in the mid sixties. Appeared in June 1965 at the Olympia Paris (top of the bill).

The Cops’n Robbers


A popular group in 1964/1965. They issued an EP in France. They were supporting act in the PJ Proby concert at the Olympia 28th September 1965. I remember their cover of the My Fair Lady song by Lerner and Lowe ‘I could have danced all night’. Not quite the same interpretation as in the Musical….!

Roger Whittaker